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DinoCat Studio

Artwork by Hannah Gebhart

Des Moines, Iowa

A printmaking and paper art studio. 

DinoCat Studio is a Des Moines-based printmaking and paper art studio. Started in 2017, DinoCat Studio is the creative brainchild of artist Hannah Gebhart. Gebhart thrives on the tactile process of creating her artwork, carving scenes out of wood blocks and building images up from paper with her dimensional paper art.


Gebhart first fell in love with the relief printing process during her time at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. It was here that she learned to take her sketches and expertly carve them into something that she could share with others. Woodcut prints are created by carving images into the surface of a block of wood using gouges, which leaves parts of the block raised while others are cleared away. The raised portion of the block is then inked, a sheet is paper is placed over the block and the image is transferred to the paper by rubbing the block with a glass baren. 

Gebhart’s passion for creating art using paper has led her to become an accomplished quiller. Quilling is the art of bending, curling, and shaping strips of paper into a design. Using only paper, glue, a set of tweezers, and a pair of scissors she creates intricate landscapes, animal portraits, and lettered artwork with depth and dimension. Each piece uses thousands of pieces of paper, creating a textural image that changes with the light and an observer’s vantage. 

Meet the Team
DCS Headshot 2017 08 09 hng_edited.jpg
Hannah Gebhart
Founder + Artist

Loves sushi, sandwiches, beer, cats, and dinosaurs. Has watched E.T. approximately 1,000 times. 

In Memory

Jocko was Hannah's right-hand kitten in all things DinoCat. He was the best spicy nugget and is greatly missed 🧡

Shipping Specialist

Enjoys butt scratches, sleeping on anything black, and eating. Gives aggressive snuggles.

Quality Control Manager

Nosey dog that has to be a part of everything. Sniffs every paper strip and licks each block of wood.  

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