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2022 Smoky Hill River Festival Featured Artist

Each year, artists are selected to design the official Festival Print and the River Festival T-shirt. These artists create artwork inspired by the Smoky Hill River Festival’s mission, spirit, history or place. Hannah Gebhart was selected to created both the Festival Print and T-shirt for the 2022 festival, held on June 9-12, 2022. 

Festival Print: “Sun-Kissed“

Excerpt from


Woodcut printmaking and paper artist Hannah Gebhart was selected to design the 2022 Smoky Hill River Festival Print. A native Salinan, Gebhart is a Des Moines-based woodcut printmaking, paper artist, and founder of DinoCat Studio.

“Sun-Kissed” is a multi-block linocut print created by carving each color (yellow, blue, green, and black) on its own block and then printing the layers on top of each other. The festival print was inspired by the scenery of Central Kansas and how the natural elements connect to the Smoky Hill River Festival. Sunflowers radiate joy, positive energy, and good vibes – just like the River Festival. Gebhart states, “I absolutely loved going to Artyopolis as a kid. My parents would pretty much set me loose in that area of the festival and let me go wild.”

DCS - SHRF Sun-Kissed - Finished Print 1.jpeg

Festival T-Shirt: “Is That Funnel Cake?”

Excerpt from


The 2022 Festival T-Shirt was designed by Salina native, Hannah Gebhart, Des Moines, IA.

“Is That Funnel Cake?” is an on-edge quilling piece. Quilling is the art of using strips of paper that are cut and manipulated into shapes and then glued standing up, creating a dimensional piece of art. The t-shirt was a great opportunity to have a little bit of fun and create a piece that ties together so many of the fundamental elements of the Smoky Hill River Festival. The buffalo and meadowlark are images with a strong tie to the area, but what are they doing together? Are they chatting about the festival jam and performances happening throughout the weekend? Or maybe they’re getting excited about hitting a favorite food stand they’ve visited together for years.

SHRF-T-shirt-Mockup-2022-2-28 copy.jpg
Iowa PBS: Crafts from the Past

May/June 2022

Whether it be hobbies from childhood, crafts we associate with a parent or grandparent, or hands-on skills long forgotten, there is a fascination with reprising lost techniques as we explore new pastimes. Crafts From the Past is an Iowa PBS show that introduces hobbies from decades past, offering a primer to various techniques by experienced Iowa makers. In addition to the show, each maker hoGebhartsted a worksnahhop in which participants create the project that the maker demonstrated during their show segment. 

From the Iowa PBS website:

Iowa artist Hannah Gebhart introduces us to the art of paper quilling. Follow along with the Crafts From the Past episode above where she demonstrates how to create a simple piece of paper quilled art with a heart design, a project that she says can take two to three hours to finish. (Some of her more advanced designs can take 20 to 40 hours a piece!) Our quilling tutorial and extra information below comes from our interview with Hannah, with additional historical information about quilling from Quilling Arts.

We Are Makers, Fourth Edition
Released March 2022

We Are Makers is an independent publication showcasing a wide array of wonderful, dedicated, and talented makers from across the globe. It shares the maker's stories, their passions, and to connects them with you and each other.

DinoCat Studio/Hannah Gebhart was featured in the fourth edition of the publication, highlighting both her printing and paper quilling work. 

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