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Ornamental Piece #2 (2024)

Ornamental Piece #2 (2024)



New! Choose Your Hanging Option During Checkout

  1. Eye hook. Attached at the top of the wood frame and includes a silver cord for hanging the piece from a tree, a nail, etc. 
  2. 3M Command Picture Hanging Strip. Easy, damage-free wall hanging option. A pair of strips (one for the piece, one for the wall) will be included with the piece for you to apply yourself. Application instructions can be found here.
  3. Both. I can include both the eye hook and 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips, giving you the option to choose which hanging method you'd prefer later. Neither will be applied, so make sure you feel comfortable screwing in the eye hook into the frame yourself if you think you may choose this option. 
  4. None. The ornamental piece will arrive as photographed (no eye hook or 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips included), perfect for sitting on a mini easel or leaning on a shelf.


About the Ornamental Piece

A one-of-a-kind ornamental piece that would look great hanging around the house for any occasion! 

  • A creative addition to your art collection
  • Give as a gift to someone special in your life
  • That finishing touch for a shelf/mantle
  • Unique ornament for your Christmas tree
  • Wearable art, but wear it responsibly (more on that below)



  • Custom-made maple frame
  • Size: 3.25" outer diameter / 2.75" artwork 
  • Materials: paper and glue


This ornamental piece is completely handmade. The frame was custom-made using solid maple. The inside artwork is made by bending, folding, and curling 160gsm 0.25" paper strips into the desired shapes and then attaching them to the base using glue. 


This artwork comes in a sturdy wooden frame but it is not behind glass. The quilling work is exposed. Paper quilling is deceptively sturdy - please reference the video above to see how the paper doesn't bend or move as I handle the piece. To help the piece's longevity, it has been sprayed several times with a UV acrylic coating. This further protects the artwork from light and helps protect the work from moisture. Feel free to handle the piece as much as you want but remember, it's still paper. It should not be exposed to water. 


Canson Mi-Teintes paper has been primarily used to create this piece, which offers excellent protection against aging. It is pulp-dyed, light-resistant, and acid-free. 

  • Pickup Available

    Free pickup available at Mainframe Studios in Des Moines!


    Choose the "DinoCat Studio" shipping option during checkout to bypass any fees. I'll reach out via email to setup a pickup date and time. Pickup is typically available same day if an order is made Monday-Friday.

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